Since you are reading my blog, it is just fair for me to tell you some more about myself. Read on if you can 🙂

  1. I am an Architect by background, and now currently an Urban Planner by profession. I love taking photos and hope to get a DSLR soon. This is just a site where some experimental pics taken from a point and shoot have made their appearance.
  2. Though I was an architect and interior designer, very few people know that I am slightly color blind. Some common points of confusion – black and navy blue, dark brown and deep purple, and shockingly blue and green!!
  3. When I was in 8th grade, I knew I would either be an architect or a journalist. I love cities, and I love writing… I guess becoming a Urban Planner is just “karma“!!
  4. I can trace back my memories till the time when I was barely 2.5 years old. My parents think its a miracle when I constantly prove it to them.
  5. From the longest time that I can remember, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always said I wanted to be “happy”. That is exactly what I have been striving to achieve, and succeeding well enough.
  6. I have the most freakishly detailed and distinct memory for incidents, people, names, faces, experiences.. u name it. I can recite a verbatim conversation from 15 yrs ago, with details about the people involved, down to what they were wearing. I try not to display this trait, as I have realised it tends to spook people (I once got mistaken as a stalker when I recognised someone that I had met for the first time, from birthday pics of another friend, taken 3 yrs prior… i even remembered her clothes!!)
  7. I cannot take decisions about drastic changes if they are about me. I have debated for approximately 15 years whether I should get my hair straightened or not. I know its hair and it will grow back, but I can’t take this decision at all. Help!! I even took a poll on facebook (after all having 600+ friends on fb should have helped). Verdict – I got myself a new straightening iron.
  8. I have never enjoyed driving, which is why I am such a great champion of public transit. I would rather spend my commute time reading a book, listening to music, talking to friends, than get worked up about that idiot driving in front of me, or the traffic. Let someone else do it!! Alas, living in the Bay Area, I finally did buy a car in September 2009. I am STILL not a fan of cars.
  9. My mind is a bank of memories. I have an experience or a story about practically any topic in the world. C’mon…Try me!!
  10. I cannot be alone. I have realised I have a very low threshold of how much time I can spend with myself.
  11. My hair is half the volume it used to be when I was a kid…. Seriously! and no, i don’t miss that half 🙂
  12. I will NEVER upload my pics while I was growing up anywhere, ever!!! Reason: Visualise crazy curly messy short hair (like a boy), thick glasses, crooked teeth, zero fashion sense! I DON’T find that cute, at all.
  13. I was born a neatness fanatic. My mom tells me when I was a toddler I would straighten the creases in my crib before sleeping.
  14. I am a born insomniac. I have barely ever averaged more than 35 to 40 hours of sleep in a week.
  15. I hate the smell and taste of coffee. Almost three years in the US, and the popularity of Starbucks is lost to me. The only amount of coffee I can bear is when it is sprinkled on tiramisu. Shockingly tiramisu is my favorite dessert ever.
  16. I love expressions, and I have always secretly wanted to be discovered as an actress. As a kid, I thought that the whole world was a play revolving around me (this is way before the Truman Show). Does that make me vain? Probably not.
  17. I never have dreams, only nightmares. I have a couple of recurring nightmares since I was a kid. I finally read Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretations of Dreams” to realise it meant I wanted my younger brother dead, ‘coz he took attention away from me. I still have that dream – tho rarely now!!
  18. I am scared of the dark. My parents installed two-way switches all through our apartment just for me, ‘coz I would run thru’ the dark like a demon was chasing me and get bruised all over while bumping into furniture.
  19. When looking through my school reports from kindergarten, the one comment that is common in all the years… “Ruchita is very talkative”… (ha ha) As I grew up, I learnt new words for me… garrulous, loquacious, gregarious, extroverted, (sigh!)
  20. I was always organised, even as a child. My brother would strew his toys all over, and I would follow him, and put them back in place, and he would proceed to strew them around again, and the cycle continued. As a school going child, I had my own inbox and outbox for homework as soon as I came back from school!!
  21. I cry at anything. Books, bad movies, good movies, scary movies, action movies, saas bahu serials… anything. (I cried in X-Men 3 when Jean kills Prof Charles Xavier!!)
  22. I love keeping in touch with friends, and remember everything about everyone… A friend once told me it was amazing that I could pick up a conversation where we left it (5 years back!!!)
  23. Many experiences in my life have made me realise that I might cry at the drop of a hat, but I am the strongest person in the room at the time of a crisis.
  24. I used to be completely and utterly innocent in high school, due to which I always put my foot in my mouth, and got teased mercilessly. No one believes me when I tell them that I wasn’t a pervert then (or now!!)
  25. I can never figure out if someone is flirting with me. I just don’t understand that language… Did I miss the class of “Dating Signs, Looks, and Conversations 101” sometime?
  26. I can multi-task while doing anything except eating a thali. (If I start with the dhokla, I end with it, then I move to roti and one vegetable, and I finish it, then I move to the next.. I cant even drink water out of turn)
  27. I love laughing. I can laugh at any joke, however bad it might be. I cant make jokes tho. I am extremely jealous of people who can.
  28. I hate the taste of chocolate (I usually need to wash off the taste with water). I realised one year, that I craved for chocolate just twice.
  29. My family and friends consider me to be an abnormal Gujarati – I hate sweet food, candy, Indian sweets anything… name it!!
  30. I have always wished that I were taller, by just a couple of inches, no more.
  31. I don’t like shopping… at A.L.L!!!  Browsing through a mall, depresses me. I can only shop when it’s on sale. I am a bargain hunter…. All the time!!
  32. I regret not finishing learning Bharatnatyam till the Arangetram.
  33. I love old Hindi movies and songs: Shammi Kapoor, Mukesh, Manna Dey, SD Burman, Guru Dutt films, but I will never agree to that in front of my dad. It would just give him ammunition to play the music all the time (I woke up to Hemant Kumar’s dreadfully depressing songs for 3 months. That man could drive anyone to suicide)
  34. I hate the cold, and prefer warm weather. In Bombay, I would never sleep in an air conditioned room even in the summer even with 42 degrees celsius. When my parents forced me to sleep in the cooler room, I would sleep under 4 blankets.
  35. Also, I sleep with my head completely under the blanket, and curled in a cat like position. I can trace that as a phobia since childhood, when my overactive mind would make shapes in the night around me.
  36. I know a lot of secrets about many people. Many think that isn’t possible because I talk so much.
  37. I was completely upset when I couldn’t perform in the dance drama for an annual day in school, because I contracted Malaria just before the event (I was to play the lead as Krishna in Geet Govindam: the only male part in the play, in a girls school). I had learnt my dialogues in Avadhi and Sanskrit, was to match my classmate step for step in the dances, and had never ever worked this hard, ever!!)
  38. I can never write a short sentence, a short email, or narrate a story in short. The fact that this list is a “little bit of trivia about me” is proof enough!!

Read on… and if you want to tolerate some more of my rambling, visit my other blog – shimmer shine grimace whine.


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