Many Shades of Green


I love taking photos – usually of inanimate objects that speak volumes!! I don’t have a fancy camera (not yet). Professionally, I am an Urban Planner, with a background in Architecture. When I was young, I had thought that I would either be an Architect, or a Journalist (I loved writing, I loved structures, and I had quite ‘the’ imagination). I did go on to study Architecture, and worked as an Architect and an Urban Designer for 6 years, realised that I actually loved cities, so I moved to the US to pursue a degree in Urban Planning.

Now as a Planner in the Bay Area, in California, I feel I am complete. I write (which I love), and I study cities (which I love even more). Hence the “archi-planner”!

My creative viewpoint however, is attributed to one of my dad’s best friend. He was also an architect, and one day, while we were driving through some hillsides he asked me, “Ruchi, look at the valley. Tell me, how many shades of green can you see?”

Till that instant, I don’t think I had ever seen the valley in that manner. I looked, found those many many shades – discovered shadows – and realised that the world can be seen in a completely different way. That is how I started seeing everything oh-so-differently. As an architect, I learned how to pay attention to detail, and that “God” was IN the details.

Learning to look at everything in a macro and micro manner, with light and shadow, THAT is how I now see everything. This blog hopes to capture some nice snapshots.

I have another blog where I randomly write about inanities during my day. I ramble on there. This blog is about the way I “see” the world. I don’t have a DSLR yet, and hope to buy one some day, someday soon. Till then, these are the some interesting pics that I have taken with my older camera (Canon A540), my newer point and shoot (Canon SD780), a borrowed Canon T1i, and my iPhone 4 on my journey throughout different parts of the world.



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