Lady of the Angels

As part of the SPPD Planning Program, we did lots of field trips, walks, call it whatever. The fun part was, that for someone who did not have any car, it was the one way, I could see different parts of this huge place that everyone called Los Angeles. It encompassed a huge number of cities all around, but the one place that I went to many times for a different walking tour each time, was Downtown LA.

Trying to show how this City had ‘some’ history, and that it could be commutable, and that it had it’s own charm – I first went for a Downtown LA Orientation Tour through the International Students Association, and later as part of our Urban Design Elective for Streets and Urban Spaces, taught by my favorite professor, Tridib Banerjee.

One of the stops was the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels. A stark, modern structure, not looking anything like how typical “churches” or cathedrals should look… Placed at the edge of a busy freeway… but somehow it instilled a certain kind of peace, and reverence.

At the edge of the plaza, near the freeway side, there was a fountain. What struck me, was the saying on it…

“Three Pillars uphold the world: Divine Teaching, Ethical Service, and Loving Kindness” – by Ancient Jewish Sages.

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