The Big Apple in the Big Apple

When in New York, I made Rajni walk back from the Metropolitan Museum to the Penn Station after a really long day at the Met.

In the end of December.

In the cold.

JUST 3.0 miles.

From 82nd street to 34th street and from 5th ave to 8th ave (that’s just about 50 blocks, not much eh?)

Well the walk was along 5th avenue… No one can say it wasn’t scenic!!

Somewhere halfway along, at 59th street, we saw this huge amazing glass box, with a Big Apple on it. Voila! The flagship Apple Store at 5th Avenue in New York.

A large beautiful illuminated glass cube – even more wondrous in the Christmas time. Sitting ‘almost’ transparent in the middle of the plaza. With the big white apple shining in the middle. I was amazed by just how clear the cube was. As I walked down into it, I almost felt like I had gone to the I. M. Pei extension for the Louvre (which I went to later). A grid of glass and steel. I felt, for the first time, that God is in the details — truly!! A clear glass elevator took us a level down to the main store. Once at the bottom, all I could do, was look up. Astonished, I saw the starry night through the ceiling.

Looking down, I decided to go back up the stairs. Again noting the details: toughened sandwiched glass… with frosted glass on top and bottom… connected to a curved toughened glass railing with patch fittings…All winding around a clear glass elevator!!

Ahh… I was in heaven 🙂

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