God is in the Details!

It was a pretty dreary day in DC; the day that we decided to visit it. Yet, there were minute details in the City that caught my complete fascination. From the time that I had moved to the US, the attention to detail towards public spaces had made me aware of just how little it takes to make a BIG difference.

In LA, I would notice the addition of mica in the pavement materials, which brought that extra “glitter” to the walkways in the land of stars – Hollywood. More of LA in another post, though. In Washington DC, however, I noticed inconsequential details – for instance, the grating around trees, and the signage.

The grating around the tree was made with a circular design, understanding that it might need to mimic the shape of the tree trunk itself, without making it too obtrusive. Somehow the broken iron grating in parts, fascinated the designer in me. More so, the Christmas lighting which adorned the tree trunk made it seem so different. I don’t know if anyone else would think this picture has an artistic quality, but I sure do.

Another detail that I completely loved was as vibrant as the grating was monochromatic. As bright as the grating was cold. It was some signage that I noticed somewhere enroute to God-knows-where… and I thought it was quite an inventive one. Not something that would have struck everyone’s fascination again, and not something that might be very easy to decipher – but who cared? I loved it!!

I guess God really IS in the details!

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