A Backyard – for some!

My cousin lives in Princeton… one of those large single family homes in one of those many cookie cutter cul-de-sac’s. I loved his place in December 2006. It was sunny, yet cold… Christmas time yet very Green… He also had a backyard that seemed unending. It was one of those central green’s that all of the single family home’s backed onto. Could be used as a park, or a football ground, or as I said in my case – a wonderful muse for lovely pics…

My sister-in-law warned me that even tho the sun seemed to be out, it wasn’t sunny, and I should wear my gloves and my shoes and my jacket before venturing out to take some pics. I am so glad I listened. I didn’t realise it initially, but later I did observe that I was chasing the sunlight in the yard. Soon it got too cold for me to bear, and when I returned into the house, I couldn’t feel my fingers at all.

As for the pics – they turned out great and worth the wee bit of hypothermia. The colors, the serenity in the trees when they were bare of all the leaves, the green lawn – and the flock of birds…. beautiful!!!

See the other pics of the backyard in this post, and this post.

Princeton Backyard

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