Since my access to cameras started in 2006, when I first came to the US, it is only right that I start this blog of my fascination with details, compositions and color with the first City in the US (the City of Angels) where my first memories were made, and where there were a lot of “firsts” in my list of experiences!!

Hence, I start a series of pics from USC.  Not too many tho – I have an umpteen amount somewhere, but I preferred uploading over here, just those images that will stay with me as my first visuals of USC. After all, it is the first university I have attended in the US — the first campus I have seen. I was astounded by the size (later I realised that it isn’t that large a campus at all). But I felt it was perfect.  It’s a campus large enough to be called one, and small enough to be traversed on foot.

Walking into USC on the first day in 2006, I felt a stirring. This was the first time I had seen something that reminded me poignantly of my architecture days, when I would make construction drawings (painstakingly) of brick arches in my first year of architecture. And voila, one of my first images in USC was just this – a series of brick arches.

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