Peace, music and sandwiches

In India, we always have so many people around us all the time, there is no space to think. When in USC, I worked at the Center for Religion and Civic Culture. Behind the School of Religion building, was this wonderful place, which became my sanctuary where I could hear myself think. A part of the campus called “Queen’s Courtyard”, it consisted of a negative fountain, one where the water didn’t rise up, but actually moved downwards.

The fountain had a soothing sound, like musical notes. Wait! The sound really was musical notes, those from the School of Music right behind, where students would practice. I would get my subway sandwich (on more occasions than not), and sit there, listening to the music, taking in the peace, watching the squirrels stare me down (they really weren’t scared of the humans), and think, what a wonderful time I have, for myself here.

There were other times, when I would come back there in the night, with two of my closest friends, and make them lie down in the organic grassy areas and watch the stars. A feeling unlike any other I had ever had before.

Definitely my most favorite location in the campus.

One with peace, music, sandwiches, memories…

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